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Tigereez (3 pieces per Pack)
Tigereez (3 pieces per Pack)

Tigereez (3 pieces per Pack)

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Truly nut-free raw DESSERT made from tiger nuts. “No Nut” treats filled with the nutrients and benefits of nuts and more get you’re your daily fiber with joy.

Tigereez are indulging snack, treat an desserts. They are truly nut-free
treat made from roots - tiger nuts. It’s have been around for over 4000
years. They are tubers, grown like potatoes, but have a sweet taste.
Tigereez are a nutritional powerhouse, full of fiber while low in calories
and fats. It’s your dessert that can help lose weight (due to the resistant

Ingredients: tiger nuts, dates, coconut nectar, coconut oil, lemon juice,
vanilla, pink salt.