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Zeezeez (3 pieces per Pack)
Zeezeez (3 pieces per Pack)

Zeezeez (3 pieces per Pack)

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A nutrient-packed, unbaked GRAIN FREE cookie made with buckwheat  and cordyceps. Enhance your vigor and vitality with pleasure – make your breakfast enjoyable. 

Zeezeez are the best breakfast cookies full of real food ingredients. One
of them is buckwheat - gluten-free seed or goats full of protein and fiber,
antioxidant which supports heart health and improves digestion. Another
unique ingredient is non-dairy butter alternative (made with organic
coconut milk and free of dairy, animal cholesterol, preservatives,
stabilizers, and gluten). Zeezeez are not only for breakfast, they are
perfect source of a nutrient-packed for any time of your day.

Ingredients: buckwheat, non-dairy butter, dates, almonds, cordyceps.